The Importance Of Themes In Living Room Decorating

What precisely is a theme? To make things simple, let’s say it this way. An idea is a set of design pieces mixed and given a name.

Some of the common theme names we’ve got are:
1. Contemporary theme
2. Oriental theme
3. Country theme and many others.

So a theme incorporates components for redecorating which are responsible for a radical change in any given interior area. What may those factors be? A theme might include shades, finishes, textures, specific shapes for use, finances restrictions.

Such a group of design components when blended together gives a start to a “theme.” It’s very perfectly feasible to feature, eliminate, adjust, alter, update any individual or all the elements in this theme. It all relies on what you want/dislike.

As an example If I say that a “contemporary layout theme” doesn’t mean just a particular colour for ceiling inside the living room, you can alter the above declaration and make your own depending on what you want/like. So a design theme is always evolving, and you can use your “creativity” to innovate new themes.

Common Themes

  • Contemporary design theme

In those kinds of designs, the emphasis is put on “simplicity” and straight lines and patterns. This kind of theme says that a square in itself is beautiful and a “balanced” entity hence most design factors in this theme are simplistic forms made of straight lines. Also, plain colours with their tones are used to create a “play” of light and shadows.

  • Oriental layout theme

In these types of designs, the majority of surfaces are made for “relief work” inclusive of textured plasters with heavy decorating, wallpapers, with redecorating prints of natural elements which includes leaves, flora, surroundings. Surfaces are seen as a way of expression.

  • Country layout theme

In this theme, a lot of natural elements are used for developing fixtures and different elements. That’s why many American homes have wooden fixtures, timber floors, shutters, ceiling manufactured from timber, etc., wood is used as a prime language of expression.

Even while selecting a theme on your living room it’s very vital firstly to examine what you like most and the finances bounds. Once this has been established, finding design elements that suit your design concept is relatively easy. However, one issue must be saved in thoughts that a living room is the face of your private home. While making a decision or finalizing the theme in your living room, it will become almost necessary to apply the same theme for rest of the rooms.

Of course, this isn’t always an absolute rule, however keeping a common theme in your home shows stability.

I hope this article turned out to be useful to absolutely everyone.

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